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Spanlogic can create new custom-built applications that enhances your online business processes.

Choosing Spanlogic means you gain access to intellectual property and best practices of our software development talent while offering great savings in the development costs. This is because we always produce business applications that works and deliver results, so that your business performance can be improved and productivity can be increased to face the challenges of your business.

Spanlogic is committed to implement innovative and productive applications that works best for you. We strongly believe that each piece of applications produced by us should suit the needs of your requirements.

Contact us today at 04-397 6887 or email info@spanlogic.com. Your success is our success.

Client Management System (CRM)

Client Relationship Management System (CRM)

We have extensive experience in developing customized client relationship management systems for clients that demands unique requirements.

With existing standard components and coupled with your specific specifications, your CRM solution is tailormade to perfectly suit your business case.

Fulfillment System

Ordering & Fulfillment System

Spanlogic can automate your ordering & fulfillment system with our customized web-based application development.

Web-based ordering & fulfillment system empowers your vendors and customers in the ordering and fulfillment processes that would translate to quicker turn-around time and cost savings.

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Leverage the power of mobile computing and mobile internet to empower your field representatives with up-to-date product information and speedier ordering and payment handling.

With web-based sales force automation system, companies enable their sales person to obtain accurate client information and at the same time carry out company sales and marketing strategies.

Accsuite - Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accsuite - Accounting & Bookkeeping

Web-based accounting & bookkeeping system enables your organization to share crucial financial informations to all stakeholders from any web-enabled device.

Accsuite - Quotation Invoice Receipt

Accsuite - Quotation Invoice Receipts

The Accsuite - Quotation Invoice Receipt is an extension to the Accsuite - Accounting & Bookkeeping, for the purpose of generating business documents of quotations, invoices, and receipts.

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