Project Highlights


April 2011

Property developer GSV Development looks for a designer that has hold ideas of what it takes to build a pleasing property website.

Spanlogic is proud to present our unique proposition of strong creativity plus clever use of technology (content management system).


March 2011

Long time customer cum largest event management company in northem Malaysia, Intrenasionale, had enough with its out-of-date company website.

Here is Spanlogic come to the rescue again (not very humble, huh). Equipped with content management system (CMS), the client may update real time information about the events organized by the company.


February 2011

Perhaps it is the season's greetings, or perhaps it is the corporate color?

Our designers found that red and black go really well together, after some magical color toning and contrasting.

This weighing instrument manufacturer's website features a content management system (CMS) and an integrated product catalog system (PCS) for convenient management of product literatures.


January 2011

Kaga Component's new corporate website is just "not" another site that we have developed. Our designers played with plenty of color combinations in order to be able to match and exist in harmony with the corporate colors of fluorescent green and magenta.

Nevertheless, we finally produced a satisfactory outcome which also features content management system (CMS).


December 2010

We are glad to be able to throw our ideas behind creating a wood flooring product website which is also environmental friendly.

The site will feature a photo gallery that showcases impressive wood-workings done by the site owner.


November 2010

Developing a multi-lingual site is always a challenging proposition. However, with Spanlogic's powerful Content Management System and our ingenius web developers with limitless creativity, we are posed to deliver this piece of beauty.


October 2010

Site owner wants the main page to be very captivating and persuasive for motor racing enthusiasts.

With Spanlogic, he got what he wants, minus the headache. The content management system (CMS) enables his team to update the site as and when necessary.


September 2010

Keep it simple.

That's the center of creativity thinking that was tasked to Spanlogic to build a website for the property Developer Marvellous.

We are really glad the final outcome looks bold and yet minimal.


July 2010

We are happy to announce the launch of Tong Herr Resources Bhd's new corporate website.

The corporate website is powered by a content management system (CMS). Furthermore, the Investor Relations section is developed to self update based on announcements made in Bursa Malaysia.


June 2010

Elamp's new website is another great example of using an effective product catalog to present a wide range of products.

Spanlogic also integrates the website with a content management system (CMS) so that the client may update the website efficiently.


May 2010

As a web solutions company that really have deep enthusiasm in web technology, Spanlogic constantly evaluates and proposes new and yet useful technologies to address customer requirements.

Chosen by Interstudy to re-design the company website, Spanlogic uses Google Map technology to create interative maps to pin-point locations when user interacts with the page.


April 2010

As a reknowned quantity surveyor, Unitech QS Consultancy decided to have a more comprehensive website that would showcase its various works and news updates.

Spanlogic proposed an easy to use content management system based on Joomla so that the client would be able to update the site frequently and without hassle.

Project Highlights
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